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Folding Doors
Folding Doors


Folding Doors

The models of PVC Folding Doors had been created for people of good taste. Ideals for interiors of residences, offices, store, clinics, clubs...

You can create and innovate personalizing its space and valuing the decoration. Manufactured in PVC, they are excellent for environment separation, presenting praticidade, beauty and economy in the installation, without speaking of the Tecnoperfil quality of drawing in PVC.

Panel Structure: Double Ply Panel Width:152mm
Panel Thickness:10mm
With rigid hinge
Oval type handle
Each Panel with 4 Frames (2 Bevel Boards & 2 Embossed Panels)
2 Frames & 3 Frames are available
Popular sizes: Width x Height
81 cm x 203 cm (32" x 80") 81 cm x 244 cm (32" x 96")
86 cm x 203 cm (34" x 80") 86 cm x 244 cm (34" x 96")
91 cm x 203 cm (36" x 80") 91 cm x 244 cm (36" x 96")